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So I did my laundry today. Since I tried to minimize my purchases during my stay in Sweden, I picked up a cheap blue IKEA shopping bag while I was there and have been using it for laundry. I didn’t want to run back and forth so I stayed there doing some assigned reading for my course. Just as I finished drying my clothes, I couldn’t find my bag which was left right beside the drier. Apparently someone must have taken it. I even checked the whole place to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. The bag costs 5Kr, which is about 80 cents. If you steal my bike, I can understand. But an IKEA plastic bag? Come on, WTF. First it was my shitty bike, and now my cheap (not shitty, it’s versatile and sturdy) bag. I feel like being targeted by the archenemy of Robin Hood who steals from the poor.

I had to carry all my clean (thank god) clothes by hand back to my room. Good job, asshole.



  1. I bought them in London when I was in Ikea and had no more hands to carry the stuff (because they don’t give out bags anymore). I returned them the next time I went there, oh yes baby, I am damn cheap 😛

  2. Oh my, yes you are so cheap.
    Next time you can say that you did it to save the planet.

  3. Scott seems to have extreme bad luck with personal stuff since he got to Sweden…

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