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This is the title of the new course that just started this week. I think it’s going to be interesting because I’ll get to read and write about the internet. In the introductory lecture (which I was so late because of my flight delay), the instructor talked about the evolution of communication tools since movable types. She asks whether internet really transformed the society. What caught my attention is the issue of privacy.

We are all too familiar with 1984, and agree that we are losing our privacy. CCTV is everywhere, and we know that our phones are tapped. However, I think the story is a bit different when it comes to internet. Often it is us who voluntarily disclose our personal information. At the same time, we are the big brothers who look into other people’s lives. Increasingly we are becoming aware of that. As any internet proficient user (or stalker) would know, you can find out a lot about a person with limited information, simply by Google and some good guesses. The boundary between cyberspace and meatspace is weakened by search engines.

More websites will offer increased privacy protection for their users, but we are personally responsible for our secrets. So stop being so creative with your user names (no one will ever find me if my user name is “hottie”), and create multiple ones for different occasions. In short, create multiple identities, so that the private you will not intersect with the attention seeking you.

Something I’m reading: The Future of Reputation

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  1. 我下學期有一堂課是Identity & Communication…

    oh 1984 and CCTV.. what will London do with you.. xD

  2. *without….

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