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I was so addicted to Pret. They make the best sandwich at £3 ($6, but you wouldn’t think it’s expensive in London). We like them, and their success reflects our inner psyche. Perhaps “smallness” sells in this age. Instead of claiming their market dominance or growth rates like most companies do, they keep a low profile saying that they “develop slowly, one shop at a time”. They use simple and humourous language to avoid been seen as an impersonal corporate chain store, and emphasize that they do not franchise. Moreover they have maintained great public image promoting healthy natural food, social and environmental responsibilities (my photo shows one of their least healthy sandwich with bacon but it tastes sooooo good).

Some recipe they give out from their website: Pret DIY.



  1. looks so delicious! i don’t know why it makes me think about the smoke meat sandwich I had in Montreal last month (called Schwartz’s).
    Thanks for posting the recipe!

  2. I’ve had both, Pret and Schwartz and Pret wins by far 😀

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