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It was surreal landing in Berlin. To this date I am still sure what made me change my mind. My best guesses are the fear of an unfamiliar language and the desire to grasp the very last bit of college life. Unfortunately neither was valid 7 months later when I arrived Sweden.


In Berlin, everything is megasized: the streets, the buildings, and the history. Too much shit happened in this city that I feel sorry for it. I am curious how Berliners see their own city. Does the history make people more open minded? cautious? or humble?

We joined a free (tips based) bike tour by Sandemans. Our guide was a great story teller who made the historic events so interesting that I want to wiki them. I like how they do it because we get to decide how much tips we are willing to give after the tour. Highly recommended for anyone going to Berlin, especially for those who only stay for a short time.

Below was where the most hated European in history took his own life. It’s eerie, I know.

The memorial in the city centre besides the Brandenburg Gate.

This is where I was going.

Berlin’s own currywurst!


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