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Mr. Brown Coffee

I was in shock when I saw our beloved Mr. Brown in TESCO in Prague. Apparently it’s one of the standard selections there. It costs 31.70 CZK, which is about 2 CAD or 60 TWD (not that bad if you convert it to 1.3 EUR)… but I had to have one. Needless to say it’s worth it 😀

Saw it again in Nuremburg, so maybe the Germans like it too



  1. Hey I linked over from Enol’s blog. I’m sure you’re from LE but I have no idea who you are….

    Anywhoo… Mr. Brown is also here in Poland (where I am) and I’m proud to say it tastes so much better than that EISKAFFEE as shown to the right of your picture.

    I believe Mr. Brown is considered a higher-end instant coffee in this country.

  2. Ha hah… SCOTT!

    I thought your nickname sounded familiar. How are you doing? WHat you doing in Europe?

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