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I get this question a lot these days. I’m on one hand glad that people asked, because I like talking about myself. On the other hand, I’m somewhat frustrated because there’s not much to talk about.

It’s been almost a month since I got back to Vancouver. Nothing much has changed actually. Here’s what I’ve been doing:
– Still waiting for the company I want to work in
– Giving myself a crash course on web development/programming
– Trying to get my money back from RBC and Fido, who charged/fined me for ridiculous reasons and now blaming me for not catching their mistakes when I was Sweden
– Feeling exploited and pissed for the reason above
– Thinking about recycling all the bottles and cleaning up all the mess at home which I did not make
– Walking around different neighbourhood
– Walking across the bridges to/from Downtown because I don’t have u-pass anymore and I am so cheap
– Watching movies
– Hanging out with friends
– Wanting to cook but feeling unmotivated
– Reading stuff
– Wondering how I spent last 4 weeks doing only these



  1. how productive

  2. oh yea i forgot to add
    – occasionally thinking about updating

    • yes i am an elephant
    • Posted July 17, 2008 at 5:17 pm
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    and the lack of updates..

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