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What do you call a late lunch at 4PM?

Anyways, as might have guessed, one day I had a late lunch at 4PM. I wandered toward Granville Island not knowing what I wanted exactly. Before I reached Granville Island, I passed by a well decorated small tea shop named Sawa on 2nd avenue. I decided to give it a try.




It was cozy, with a few seats in the front against the window, and more at the back perfect for having conversations. I ordered wild salmon with rice and soup from their light-meal menu, priced at $8 (if I remember correctly).


The food was fine, but I didn’t feel strongly about it. I mean, it’s hard to do a bad review on salmon, rice, and miso soup. I’m not really trying to do a restaurant review here either. What made it special was that it all felt very “right”. In the quiet afternoon of summer breeze, it was as if the place was forgotten. I found myself mindlessly reading through last week’s metro, enjoying the luxury of being willingly unproductive.

When was the last time you had a simple lunch of which the purpose was not calories intake, but escapism from daily routines?



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  1. mmmm
    It’s odd. I miss Vancouver.

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