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Monthly Archives: August 2008




Lightroom 2 is out (for a few weeks already). Here is the complete list of upgrades and changes, but surely you are not like me who actually read the change logs of software updates, so I’ll tell you the important ones:

  • Dodge and burn (!!!) (and more)
  • Dual screen capability
  • Vignette for cropped images (I like cropping)

The only places I see people using phone directories are in movies. They are usually used in interrogation scenes.

I absolutely hate getting them every year. They waste tree, energy, water, human resources, and my time. Even if you are morally ambivalent toward phone books, I’m sure you can agree that they are useless, heavy, and a pain in the ass to get rid off.

from The Vancouver Sun
Get my point?

I am deeply disturbed that they keep coming every year as jumbo sized junk mails. So I decided to speak up. I emailed the Yellowpages last night, and actually got a reply this morning. Here is the conversation:

Title: About the Thick Phone Directories I Get on my Doorstep Every Year


I live in Vanocuver, and I get phone directories from you
guys every year. It’s very nice of you to deliver them to my doorstep
every year, but the truth is, I never use it, period. Whenever I get it
I worry about recycling it. I know it’s printed on recycled paper and
you guys try to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, but I
think not printing them is the most environmentally friendly way to go,
at least not for people who don’t use them. Furthermore, it’s
potentially an explosive PR issue if environmental groups decide to
pick on you guys. I know in Norway a few years back it became a huge
national issue that the law mandated the companies to switch to an
opt-in model.

Hope you guys can consider it. Oh and please please please don’t
send me a canned reply. I absolutely hate that because I have no idea
if my message has been read or not. Just something simple would be
great, something human.

Thanks for your time,


Here is the reply:

Title: RE: About the Thick Phone Directories I Get on my Doorstep Every Year

What I can definitly do is pass your information on to marketing and our environmental group just to track public requests and concerns and thank you very much for taking the time to pass on your ideas.It is sort of a mixed bag as some people love the idea of strictly CD version and no paper, but then certain groups of people really do not like using the computer and prefer the book. If there is anything else please feel free to contact me.

So far not very interesting, but I like it that they deal with my email very efficiently. There might be more coming up.







Uploaded more old photos. I love the alleys.

On a PC, copy is ctrl+c and paste is ctrl+v.
On a Mac, copy is cmd+c and paste is cmd+v.
On Firefox on a PC, holding ctrl to open links in tabs, and holding alt to open typed url in tabs.
On Firefox on a Mac, holding cmd to open links in tabs, and holding option to open typed url in tabs.
On OpenOffice on a Mac, copy is cmd+c and paste is cmd+v.
But when you are editing a cell in a spreadsheet, copy is ctrl+c and paste is ctrl+v.

Unfortunately, cmd is situated at the alt spot on PC keyboard, and option is situated at the windows spot on PC keyboard. Even more unfortunately, I use a Mac at work and a PC at home.

I know I know it’s been a while. For the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to write something but at the same time forgetting what I wanted to write about. I’ll post them once I remember them.

As some of you (I have no idea who reads my blog now) may know, I started my internship few weeks ago. So far so good. The only big problem I have is that after lunch I always get so sleepy that the only way I can stay awake is to eat more snacks. Maybe I’ll get fat. Is this how people get fat working in offices?

Last week I was doing layout for LeMook, and I used a photo I took in Girona, a beautiful town near Barcelona. I like it a lot.


I asked if I could take a picture of him, but he’s too shy. His reaction reminded me of the old folks in Taiwan.