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I know I know it’s been a while. For the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to write something but at the same time forgetting what I wanted to write about. I’ll post them once I remember them.

As some of you (I have no idea who reads my blog now) may know, I started my internship few weeks ago. So far so good. The only big problem I have is that after lunch I always get so sleepy that the only way I can stay awake is to eat more snacks. Maybe I’ll get fat. Is this how people get fat working in offices?

Last week I was doing layout for LeMook, and I used a photo I took in Girona, a beautiful town near Barcelona. I like it a lot.


I asked if I could take a picture of him, but he’s too shy. His reaction reminded me of the old folks in Taiwan.



  1. Hmmmm I was with you when you took that picture, was’t I?

    I have a different sleepy time than you, I can barely open my eyes when I arrive at work since it takes me two hours to commute.

    There’s a reason why people drink coffee at work! But do try tea than coffee, you don’t need all that energy boost xD

    Visit Wicked for me, I miss their waffles ❤

    I think moo finally feels at home, oh zoo I meant 😉

  2. Of course you were there..
    I miss that in Taiwan we have lunch time nap. It’s kinda awkward if I’m the only one sleeping when everyone else is working.

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