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Peeing on my toilet seat
(read: I don’t like your pee on my ass as much as you don’t like my pee on your ass)

A Friendly Reminder (2)

I forgot to add on the note that: it’s okay too if you are a guy but sits when you pee. (it’s good because it minimizes splashing)

For your reference:

November 01, 2007


  • 走路鞋子磨地
  • 沒有人的房間開燈
  • 東西沒吃完
  • 保護貼裡面有泡泡
  • 電腦裡的專輯不完整
  • 火星文
  • msn通話紀錄不見
  • 電腦桌面被別人用自動排列
  • 沒打或太晚打燈的左轉車
  • 洗別人的碗


  1. Boy am I glad my flatmates sit when they pee..

  2. 保護貼裡面有泡泡真會讓人抓狂

  3. Oh I like this post!
    Your hand writing on post-it is pretty!



  4. @elephant
    you are so lucky 😉

    嗯嗯 我會忍不住想把別人的泡泡擠出來

    just curious.. u have road rage rit..?

  5. o_O
    I think the problem is that Vancouver has narrow streets…so you get blocked sometimes if the car in front of you signals late…
    In California there are almost always designated left turn lane(s) so it’s not so much a problem 🙂 (sometimes the streets have 5 lanes each direction #_#)

    I agree about the toilet thing.. but I think most guys don’t think about it…since they don’t sit on there so often @_@

  6. I never had road rage when I was in Canada.
    But I get road rage sometimes driving in the morning. There are simply too many cars and too many inconsiderate drivers!
    And the road condition is way too crappy!

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