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I think political movements suffer from image problems: politicians are evil people who lie to get elected, voters are stupid people who listen to their lies, activist are kinda crazy and too serious, and rallies are for people who’s got nothing better to do.

Anyways I meant to ask: are you at all engaged in politics, why and why not? If you are a Canadian would you vote?
(not a rhetorical question)



  1. no. and i’m won’t till i know what canadian politics is about.

    if don’t vote coz i didn’t engage at all in politics. not that which mayor doesn’t effect me. it’s just that my judgement won’t be any better. and in taiwan i’ll be forced to voted coz if i don’t the change might be dramatic. so the difference for me lies in how much power of ‘change’ the political party actually got once they get voted.

  2. i don’t really care about politics all that much… that’s probably bad but honestly, whoever you vote for, nothing REALLY changes that much…
    they’re all full of BS

  3. That sounds reasonable.
    Perhaps it means most of us feel that we are doing just fine. People tend to vote more when they are dissatisfied with the current situation, and when stakes are high.
    Anyone else?

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