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Last night I got a friend request. I clicked into her profile to see who she was.

I don’t know about you, but this looks like a facebook sociological experiment to me.
139 friends (mostly guys) and counting in 1 day, and no one seem to know who she is. Hot single whose interest is modeling looking to date? hmmm.. fishhhy……
Hey but what do I know, maybe she’s just friendly and wants to make friends.

But I wish it’s an experiment because it’s wicked. 😀



  1. so…why the photo of food?

  2. sweet and sour fish?

  3. yup
    coz its fishhhhy~

  4. oh wow…
    didnt think of that
    😦 stupid me

  5. like my domokun experiment eh

  6. its more like ur other experiment 😛

  7. you know it’s disturbing to see some of MY friends adding her ….. and they are ALL males…..


  8. some of my friends added her too
    id like to think they r careless rather than stupid..

  9. 所以只要是美女他們就會加就是了

  10. looking forward to ur new project
    keep me posted

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