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So it turns out I am actually the one who watches TV.

Watched a Frontline documentary on energy policies in the US, and it’s depressing. Makes me wonder if the US has what it takes to make changes under its political system.

Later watched an interview of David Suzuki. His big smile somewhat reminds me of Dalai Lama. One thing they talked about in the show was promoting individual act of green. Well, I think my goal will be to nag my roommates MORE in turning off lights and heaters. (If you are my roommate, you see it coming already, so plz don’t make me do it :P)



  1. 可是就算是在房間里寫作業聽到外面的電視聲還是有很心安的感覺 🙂

  2. that’s an awesome photo!!
    不過人多自然就感覺很溫暖 🙂

  3. btw some of us (Jeff, Lawrence, Winnie Candice, Poan and I) are having lunch at the Robson Moxie’s (808 Bute St, 2nd floor, corner of Robson & Bute) Friday at 12pm…
    i’m not sure where exactly you work but join us if you have time 🙂

  4. @pinky
    i know its easy to forget
    ill find ways to remind u guys, but please bear with my nagging 😛

    im out of work now.. sigh
    i dont think ill be in dt. maybe next time. thx for asking!

  5. u geek ;P you should watch some sitcoms

  6. muhahah
    u know me im openly geek

    donno which sitcome to watch though. sometimes rather go online to find the episode i want, and commercials bug me @@

  7. or you can just watch drama series…fuck im so addicted to law and order svu and csi…

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