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The world’s first music video in an Excel Spreadsheet!

“Basically, it’s come about because we recognized that a lot of people have fairly restrictive internet and security policies at work,” Clandillon told “What we really liked was that we could actually subvert the corporate firewalls by including AC/DC’s music in an Excel spreadsheet, because that’s allowed through every corporate firewall there is.” [Wired via gizmodo]

One step closer to corporate sabotage by active disengagement.



  1. wowwww
    i love AC/DC!

    btw scott… i need to find articles on energy issues… do you know any interesting topics to research on? thanks!!

  2. u ask if i have ANY topic? r u kidding me?

    ok u want an angry issue or a less angry issue?

  3. i’ve plurked you…

  4. wow. wicked!

  5. wow at the excel mv.

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