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Monthly Archives: November 2008

too impatient to enjoy a lot of wonderful things in life perhaps

too impatient to sit down and watch a good movie
too impatient to read novels
too impatient to listen to music and relax

maybe because i think i don’t deserve having fun now


Hi I’m back.
而且還死的這麼徹底完全就沒打算catch up

So my excuse is that I’ve been working on my new blog. It’s called r3think (as in rethink). I thought about setting up a public blog for quite some time already. This way I can spread the link without exposing myself too much. So from now on you won’t see my essay-like stuff here 🙂

I’ll be writing about things related to sustainability, marketing, lifestyle, and other stuff I haven’t decided yet. I’m still exploring but you get the idea. It’s about “going beyond bitching” (see About section), and thinking in terms of what could be done differently.

A public blog will be a good place to showcase thoughts and ideas (hopefully make me standout and get me an awesome job!). It’s also a way for me to practice writing. I am also looking for like minded people to do this together with, so there will be more content and more readers and more happiness.

There are still a lot of changes I want to make, like the theme and style in general.

Please gimme feedbacks! or leave comment on the posts! 😀


Flight to London from Stockholm
今天才發現Sterlin Airlines (也)倒掉了
too bad.. i really like their logo



酸 xD



Determined or stubborn? tunnel vision or narrow minded? optimistic or naive? courageous or downright stupid?

Aren’t they all the same?


yeah i know i posted this before 😛


The greenest car ever!!


What’s there left to rebel against if we actually have it?



first impression & last night


@ English Bay, in the crowd, a over the head, hand held shot!

Pretty much the same every year, but different. Part of Vancouverites’ common memory.