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Hi I’m back.
而且還死的這麼徹底完全就沒打算catch up

So my excuse is that I’ve been working on my new blog. It’s called r3think (as in rethink). I thought about setting up a public blog for quite some time already. This way I can spread the link without exposing myself too much. So from now on you won’t see my essay-like stuff here 🙂

I’ll be writing about things related to sustainability, marketing, lifestyle, and other stuff I haven’t decided yet. I’m still exploring but you get the idea. It’s about “going beyond bitching” (see About section), and thinking in terms of what could be done differently.

A public blog will be a good place to showcase thoughts and ideas (hopefully make me standout and get me an awesome job!). It’s also a way for me to practice writing. I am also looking for like minded people to do this together with, so there will be more content and more readers and more happiness.

There are still a lot of changes I want to make, like the theme and style in general.

Please gimme feedbacks! or leave comment on the posts! 😀




    If you don’t keep up, I’ll harass you! 😉

  2. yes plz harass me
    wanna be a contributor??
    im sure u hav a lot to bitch about say 😀

  3. I’ll think about it……….

  4. i thought u were gonna write about your strawberry obsession

  5. new blog?
    whats gonna happen to this one?

  6. maybe some other day..

    just business as usual for this one
    except u wont be seeing essays here anymore 😉

  7. Rock on Scott!

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