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Yup this is exactly the same post from facebook. If you stalk my blog, you are tagged too.

1. I don’t usually tell things about myself. If you don’t already know, that’s why.

2. I am addicted to anything strawberry flavored, but don’t feel so
strongly toward fresh strawberry, and I don’t like strawberry juice, it
tastes weird.

3. I used to be immune from caffeine. No amount of coffee could stop me from falling asleep. Bad for cramming.

4. I have problem communicating my thoughts verbally. It’s almost frustrating hearing myself talk.

5. I mix soy milk and milk together.

6. I am inseparable from my laptop. My CD-ROM and RAM have problem but
I don’t want to send it in for repair. I don’t know if I can live
without it so many days.

7. I write slowwww.

8. I am so lazy that I have shortcuts on almost everything to minimize key strokes and mouse clicks when surfing.

9. I was raised by my auntie and didn’t live with my parents until elementary school.

10. I don’t have a DSLR. I am constantly asking myself if I want one
because of the size and weight, but honestly I just want to kick ass
with my point-and-shoot.

11. I can be very focused, but I have short attention span. Yes they are compatible.

12. I get tired of TV drama very easily; not knowing the ending doesn’t bother me.

13. I don’t like TV. I feel dumb watching TV. I suspect TVs suck brain
power the way Riddler did in Batman 3. I’d rather watch TV shows on my

14. I read a lot, but I have problem finishing books. I always have 10+
books currently reading lying around, most of which beside the toilet.

15. I sometimes rather watch movies alone. Other people’s opinions
bother me, and the need to come up with an opinion when I don’t have
one is annoying.

16. I hate my glasses.

17. I am passionate about the environment and social issues, but I
don’t usually talk about that in public. I don’t want to be a
self-righteous smug. Still searching for my balance.

18. I had no problem finishing a 10 days bike tour around Taiwan, but I fell off my bike twice in UBC, in one week.

19. I am anal, but I didn’t know about it until recently.

20. I have serious problem catching lyrics. I suspect I suffer from some kind of psychological disorder.

21. I never smoked a cigarette. Can’t stand the smell, and I regard it
as a sign of weakness. I’ve smoked weed once, but I didn’t inhale. No
it’s not peer pressure. It’s a long story, but it sure was fun.

22. I hurt my knee once while snowboarding. It took a while to recover
because my family doctor gave me a false diagnosis. Never go on a ski
trip since.

23. I suck at sports. I never learned how to dribble. There, I’ve said it.

24. I fucking hate mosquitoes. I’ve got stun twice while typing this note, and I can’t kill it.

25. I want to do things that matters.



  1. I still remember #18, you called me twice in a week to tell me how you fell off the bike, while feeling sorry for you, I couldn’t help laughing on the other end of the phone XDD

  2. yeah.. and hurt my right knee twice. i dont think it ever fully recovered..

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