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隨光呼吸 @tainan,taiwan

So I’ve been back for 3 weeks already. Everything is pretty much the way I expected, no surprises.

As expected, I started working right away. The work is challenging but manageable. I still get bored nonetheless, thinking it doesn’t really matter. More certain than ever that my dad and I live on different planets. As expected, my mom somehow changed her view into believing that I need to stay longer to accomplish all the tasks. Think I can prove her wrong.

Then there are the inevitable. Most people assumed that I am back for good to work in the family business. Those who asked were surprised to learn that I have other plans. Now I just smile and say I don’t know to avoid the ensuing avalanche of questions.

Not all is bad though. I enjoyed the Chinese New Year, visiting relatives. I enjoy walking the small city of Tainan and start liking it. I enjoy sitting in a cozy cafe with my laptop like I did in Van, when I don’t have to work overtime. I enjoy taking lots of photos, and I’m posting soon I promise 😀



  1. dude finally an update!
    i want to see photossss

  2. 對呀對呀 能在台灣過年真的很值得啦!

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