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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Yup I’m 24 (or already 25 in Taiwan). Not feeling much different actually. Thanks everyone who dropped me a line, and also those who thought of doing that but worried it might be awkward because we don’t talk often.

So what’s going on? I am in the “wanting to write” phase again, a bit more like constipation actually. You know there’s something but you just can’t squeeze it out. Maybe I should try kiwi.

Although I promised myself not to watch TV, I can’t help myself but watch 全民最大黨 and 康熙來了. What more can I ask? Glad I broke that promise.

Few days ago, a coworker told me maybe I should consider relax a bit. I agree. I might have given myself too much unnecessary pressure. Sometimes my gum hurts in the morning. Don’t know if I grind my teeth as a result.