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Had been helping my mom renovating some rooms for rent the past month. It’s a shitload of work and pretty chaotic for a noob like me. Luckily, my mom did most of the work contacting different workers (woodwork, painting, pluming, lighting, internet, curtain, air conditioner, furniture, etc.) No, it’s not like drawing out floor plan on AutoCAD and things get done exactly as I imagined.. Cost has always been the single most important criteria, so we figure the cheapest way to make a room awesome is to paint it with interesting colours, instead of same old white. Here are some shots:










Initially we hired an interior designer to help us out, but he sucked and charged way too much. Now I know that some designers would rip you off by customizing everything so that you can’t compare price. IKEA worked wonderfully in some rooms. I thought it was necessary to spend big bucks on indirect lighting on ceiling, but it turned out colour scheme was everything. Simply switching to warmer fluorescent lights made a huge difference.

Feel like having my own place now so that I can paint it with some crazy color, like black 😀



  1. my fav is the second one, so awesome! Love the color scheme in all of them, cozy feeling to it 🙂

  2. Colors look great!
    The rooms also feel very roomy and cozy and stylish at the same time. Good job!

  3. yeah i like the 2nd one the most, but overall it costs more because of the floor and curtains

    thx! didn’t know colour would make such a big difference 🙂

  4. OMG I love the orange!! That’s gonna be my guest room!

  5. I meant color of my guest room

  6. @SWP
    that one is not rented out yet though..
    most ppl still prefer more conservative colours

  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fun projects!
    see you soon~

  8. u’ll be suicidal if u paint ur room black or red.

  9. maybe ill just paint it black & red and have someone else live in it..

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