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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Today is a fine day, and I feel like updating.

Not exactly a good time to do so because I should be going to supermarket to get something now, but I feel if I don’t do this now, I’ll just put it off for who knows how long.

So I’ve been back for more than a week now. Never have I enjoyed doing nothing so much, and I’m pretty satisfy with my current progress, perhaps except the part where I haven’t started writing and uploading photos.

Six months passed. I’m not sure if I changed or learned anything particular. Looking back, I can’t remember what I really expected before my departure. In just a week, everything in Taiwan seems like a distant memory.

I don’t think I’ve changed much, which is not to be taken negatively. Frankly, change is not always good, and the warm fuzzy feeling associated with “change” might have been fabricated by consumerism and political campaigns. In fact I am happy that I did not change much to adapt to the environment I was in. I think I have made adjustments to my mindset and attitude.

Gotta go now. Will be back for more.