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遊記好難寫 I really don’t know how to tell it in an interesting way, so I’m going freestyle this time.

Bay Bridge by unicellular

So that’s the Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco.

不知道該不該興奮 以為是眼睛花了
so we ended up with a very weak arrival scream
我們過收費站不會付錢 所以直接衝過去了 可憐的司機先生應該會在近期收到通知

Kabuto Sushi by unicellular
本來要去的餐廳客滿 所以找了另一家.. 還滿貴的日本料理
我點了個foie gras sushi
一個要4塊多 我還是喜歡三層肉

sashimi feast by unicellular
最左邊的好像是bluefin tuna
真是罪過呀 這是我這輩子第一次也是最後一次吃bluefin了
沒吃過不要緊 它就是比較貴的tuna
i’ll choose 焦糖布丁 over it anyday

San Francisco Night by unicellular
要上橋前看到要$6過路費 差點沒罵髒話(actually i think i did)
and here is the night shot
nothing special about it @@

Mark Lane by unicellular
Mark Lane in San Fran downtown
The whole city has an European feel to it.. or maybe Taiwanese?
i never knew they are so similar

Cafe Claude by unicellular
This is Claude Lane’s Cafe, next to Mark Lane.
晚上有live jazz 可是他們已經快結束了

Koko Cocktails by unicellular
finished the night w/ cocktails!
the bar is called “Koko” but also has Korean on it, so maybe the owner is Korean.
saw a woman at the bar alone, and some guy started talking, and they went out shortly after
guess that’s how Californians roll
i also saw another girl who was approached by a guy (or 2), but she obviously rather talk to someone else
anyways.. more pick-up stories to come


One Comment

  1. man I totally forgot about the bridge tickets!

    I am expecting more updates!

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