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P1280710 by unicellular
somehow i posted the photos to flickr but fell asleep, so didn’t get to write up this post =.=
they are from last sunday. i went to downtown to catch the first hockey game with canada playing against the US.

P1280721 by unicellular
street interview

P1280725 by unicellular
Why this? there’s a story behind it.
Around 3ish i left home and grabbed an apple w/ me. Half way through it i started feeling weird.. bowel-wise, but i decided to ignore it because i thought it might just be a false-alarm. By now you’ve probably figured out its NOT a false-alarm.
So everything was cool when i got to downtown. I walked around yaletown, looking for a good place to watch the game. Then I decided to grab some food first because i didnt have a proper lunch. So I went to McD and got myself 10 pcs nuggets. And yup i think that’s what started the avalanche.

I went looking for a washroom but all the stores were pretty anal (in a bad way) about it especially now. At one point i seriously considered the possibility of just doing it in the alley, because less desirable alternative was doing it in my pants… of course i didnt do it because i might have got arrested, and also because a homeless dude was already there, and i didnt think he would appreciate it very much.

I felt i was going to faint and had a temporary blackout. So as i passed through this furniture store, i had to go in and ask for the toilet. To my surprise the guy opened the door for me. That’s that, crisis averted. I am forever grateful, Functional Interiors.

P1280728 by unicellular
Back to the game in yaletown. Everyone was watching the game from the small ass tv with terrible reflection.

P1280732 by unicellular
When first period ended, I went lining up for Bell’s Ice Cube. The line
was short, only took me about 10 minutes.

P1280743 by unicellular
This was the (medium sized) crowd watching the game.

When we scored the 2nd goal.

P1280761 by unicellular
Expect to go somewhere to watch the game tomorrow, but still not sure where.

GO CANADA! What is important is not Canada winning the game, but USA LOSING the game!!!


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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed your toilet story, very heartfelt.

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