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Monthly Archives: October 2010


brick lane

brick lane


thames midnight stroll

milan to rome


italian restaurant

the light






lindos beach

pita fan
Pita Fan: where we had our breakfast lunch and dinner

Crossing granville bridge. I always end up in the very front because morning bus is always so packed.

don’t ask me why it takes me so long… photos r much better in full-size!

Mediterranean Sunrise

Mediterranean Sunrise

Santorini first impression

greek traditional cuisine
forgot what it’s called..

santorini classic
and the sunset of course

My excuses for not updating is inexhaustible, I really don’t know why.

So after a somewhat hectic month with school (yes I’m in school now, more on that later) and VIFF volunteering + movie marathon, I now lie in my bed blogging at 5am.

Do I have something interesting to say? Guess not today, but here is a short update of what’s happening:

I am taking web programming courses in BCIT. It’s a full-time program and supposedly very intensive, but it’s not, so I’m somewhat disappointed so far. Can’t say I like my classmates either, at least I don’t see anyone who I’d actually hangout with outside of class. Most r okay but 2 really get on my nerves.

Thinking about redesigning my largely abandoned public blog into a showcase, but don’t have much to show now. Ideas welcome.

Became an iPhone owner through a series of coincidences and unreasonable hardships. Started to experience the (usually polite) wrath of apple haters first hand (meanwhile I remain an independent, believe it or not). They universally love Android yet no one actually owns one. Someone should write a paper on the social divide caused by cellphones.

Lastly, I’d be updating more, but u shouldn’t believe me because I always break this promise. Expect short posts as I’ll (hopefully) be blogging on-the-go.