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i guess it’s about time i make my situation a little more public

So after the ER visit, I had a needle biopsy done on my neck (I have a palpable lymph node on the right side of my neck. If you don’t know what palpable is, it means I can feel it by touching. Learned that term from my doctor friend. I use it just to sound like a pro). The needle biopsy fucking hurt. It was so bad that after it was done I fainted briefly (or possibly because my nerves were pressured).

The day after, I saw a hematologist (who specialize in blood and stuff) and he told me he’s “highly suspicious” that I have lymphoma, which is a type of cancer, he added. My reaction was more like aww-crap-that-sucks than lightning-bolt-shock or life-flashing-before-eyes-despair. Maybe because I suspected I have something pretty bad already.

A second biopsy was done the week after; this time an open biopsy and they took a piece out to see what it is. Which means the needle biopsy was COMPLETELY unnecessary (w_w).

Anyways they found out that I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

A lot of shit happened in between but I ended up coming back to Taiwan for treatment.

Thought I had time to document this in greater detail but I’m all plugged in now waiting for my first chemo session to start. I’m typing with one hand on my iPhone now.

Will update when I feel like it 😛



  1. first session! group hug and break!

  2. purr說加油

    • i can imagine her expressing it in a very subtle way

  3. You started chemo way faster than I had expected. Guess your doctors really trust the data you brought back.

    how long is chemo?

    • yeah the doctor was pretty fast i only brought back biopsy result and CT scan images. guess he used PET scan

      chemo is 4 months. 8 times in total, so once every 2 weeks if things go as planned. but will most likely be followed by radiation therapy

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