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If you ever tried to comment on my last few posts, you would notice that you can’t. I didn’t close the comment by accident. It was a concious decision and I’m sticking with it.

I used to track who reads my blog. From the regular WordPress stats or Statscounter, which gives more detailed information such as the visitor’s IP address, OS, and browser versions. You can see referral links, or from which website the visitor comes from. Why? Because I can I guess. Well, I did use it to see if this girl I liked read my blog. It’s bad for a techie to get stalkish (or more precisely, counter-stalkish in this case).

I wanted to know if people read whatever I write, and I liked comments. But I was writing for my readers. I could never keep at it. Sometimes I don’t think I have anything interesting to write about. Other times I feel I’m over-exposing myself, especially when I know that people will read it, even who specifically.

Few days ago I wrote my first post with comments closed. It felt good. I was documenting what was on my mind, for myself. That was enough to keep me writing. Having visit counts, likes, or comments only distract me. Sure I would feel good knowing people enjoy reading my blog, but what if no one reads, or stops commenting? Does that mean I should stop too? I shouldn’t need to seek encouragement for something I enjoy doing already.

Now, write like no one is reading.