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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Photos are piling up in my hard drive once again. Not sure how I stopped uploading photos to Facebook but I do have this bad tendency of forgetting to keep up with things like that. Now that I’ve put that down on my todo list, I’ll be sure to get to it soon.




應該是下禮拜開始會去一間start-up實習,做手機的App (or ㄟ劈劈 as they call it)。我最多只能撥出一兩天的時間過去吧,但這個禮拜一定要惡補一下iOS的東西。他們好像以為我WordPress很強,要我幫他們寫plug-in,可是我從來沒自己動手做過,希望不會死太慘。



Been working lots and always running out of time for anything. Just went back to Tainan on Thursday and back to Taipei again on Saturday. Can’t believe I’m going to meet another company next Monday and possibly ask for even more work. As if I don’t have my hands full already :SImage

I miss summmmmmar


Exactly like in Vancouver. A good dinner with my favourite dish with one of my absolute favourite people.

After a year of not doing much career-wise. Work start piling up all of a sudden. Last weekend I went to a tech career fair thing and spoke to quite a few companies. Of those, five I found intrigued. I didn’t take working in Taiwan too seriously because I thought the tech companies are still stuck in the early millennia, but apparently not these, probably because they are startups. Now I can’t wait to finish my current project, but seems like it will drag-on for quite some time, given the escalating scope I’m seeing.

I stopped updating few months back because one day I suddenly decided to make an effort to go to bed early everyday. 10-11pm that was. For health reason of course, not that I just learned that its a good habit, but I felt I should be more careful now for better recovery. Before I tended to write right before I go to bed, almost always after midnight. Somehow I felt particularly inspired during that time. Midnight melochony? When theres nothing good on tv and nothing u should be doing besides going to bed. A blank time slot. Meant for reflect if not recall or at worst regret.

Well. I wrote that about a year ago on a train ride and never got to update it. I actually procrastinated posting a post on the reason for why I procrastinated. Beat that!! Nothing special today, just feel like starting to pick up blogging again while still keeping myself in regular sleeping schedule. Have made a little to do list and everyday goals, gonna keep myself accountable this time.