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I stopped updating few months back because one day I suddenly decided to make an effort to go to bed early everyday. 10-11pm that was. For health reason of course, not that I just learned that its a good habit, but I felt I should be more careful now for better recovery. Before I tended to write right before I go to bed, almost always after midnight. Somehow I felt particularly inspired during that time. Midnight melochony? When theres nothing good on tv and nothing u should be doing besides going to bed. A blank time slot. Meant for reflect if not recall or at worst regret.

Well. I wrote that about a year ago on a train ride and never got to update it. I actually procrastinated posting a post on the reason for why I procrastinated. Beat that!! Nothing special today, just feel like starting to pick up blogging again while still keeping myself in regular sleeping schedule. Have made a little to do list and everyday goals, gonna keep myself accountable this time.