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Crossing granville bridge. I always end up in the very front because morning bus is always so packed.


My excuses for not updating is inexhaustible, I really don’t know why.

So after a somewhat hectic month with school (yes I’m in school now, more on that later) and VIFF volunteering + movie marathon, I now lie in my bed blogging at 5am.

Do I have something interesting to say? Guess not today, but here is a short update of what’s happening:

I am taking web programming courses in BCIT. It’s a full-time program and supposedly very intensive, but it’s not, so I’m somewhat disappointed so far. Can’t say I like my classmates either, at least I don’t see anyone who I’d actually hangout with outside of class. Most r okay but 2 really get on my nerves.

Thinking about redesigning my largely abandoned public blog into a showcase, but don’t have much to show now. Ideas welcome.

Became an iPhone owner through a series of coincidences and unreasonable hardships. Started to experience the (usually polite) wrath of apple haters first hand (meanwhile I remain an independent, believe it or not). They universally love Android yet no one actually owns one. Someone should write a paper on the social divide caused by cellphones.

Lastly, I’d be updating more, but u shouldn’t believe me because I always break this promise. Expect short posts as I’ll (hopefully) be blogging on-the-go.



Hi I’m back.
而且還死的這麼徹底完全就沒打算catch up

So my excuse is that I’ve been working on my new blog. It’s called r3think (as in rethink). I thought about setting up a public blog for quite some time already. This way I can spread the link without exposing myself too much. So from now on you won’t see my essay-like stuff here 🙂

I’ll be writing about things related to sustainability, marketing, lifestyle, and other stuff I haven’t decided yet. I’m still exploring but you get the idea. It’s about “going beyond bitching” (see About section), and thinking in terms of what could be done differently.

A public blog will be a good place to showcase thoughts and ideas (hopefully make me standout and get me an awesome job!). It’s also a way for me to practice writing. I am also looking for like minded people to do this together with, so there will be more content and more readers and more happiness.

There are still a lot of changes I want to make, like the theme and style in general.

Please gimme feedbacks! or leave comment on the posts! 😀


I am still stuck in between places. Lately the world has become a giant airport terminal for me. Rather than excitement, there is nostalgia facing the end of a beginning.


Oh yay~
❤ 呆丸

嗯我是為了exchange而錯過畢業典禮 wtf

Is it possible to acquire ADD?
I can’t concentrate at all even with time pressure. This sucks.

Oh yes. I just opened this new blog (duh).

Why? Because I’m too sick of my same lame excuse of not updating by blaming blogspot’s ugly interface (or I’m just too lazy to make it pretty). Other reason is that I want to know who reads my blog. I feel uneasy not knowing who reads my posts, so in the end I shy away from write anything personal, or what I think.

So, if you are reading, let me know, or leave comments. Appreciated.