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Today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall.
Someone in the office said today that no one in their 20’s should be reporting on the fall of the Wall, which I completely agree. We were too little to remember any of these. The world had already changed, but we have no reference point to really notice any difference. Maybe that why we find the old communist symbols so fascinating?

P1100827 by unicellular

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3D reconstruction of the Wall:






Of course, it takes more than one man to get the US (and the world) out of the messes (an epic financial crisis, $10 trillion national debt, a war without cause, and the climate change). In the US, the political system is designed to resist change. The Democrats still do not have a supermajority (3/5) in the Senate, which means the Republicans can be assholes and stop every new legislation. I can already imagine reading editorials titled “Yes We Can?” in a few months.

However unreasonable it is to expect politicians to suddenly start following their conscience, I am hopeful. For I believe it’s a defining moment of our generation taking ownership. No longer would we be characterized as the generation of complacency and apathy. A change is coming, not just because of the one man, but the millions like you and me that will stand up and shape the world with our ideals.

So today is the Blog Action Day.

Yes, what a depressing topic. Blog Action Day is all about raising awareness, but I honestly think awareness doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t add up to action. Of course awareness is the first step in behaviour change, but seriously, who doesn’t know about poverty, whether it’s at home or abroad.

Perhaps it’s a good opportunity to talk about Kiva. I found this site a while ago. It’s actually quite well known, especially after Muhammad Yunus got his Nobel Peace Prize. So essentially through this site, you can lend money to people in the developing country who want to start their business but don’t have captial to do so. I like this because I know my money will be put to good use.

Now that’s something we can do and not just feeling depressed. 😀