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It’s either me having a very bad memory or I just chat with a guy on msn for 2 hours and talked about movies and gave him career advice and at the end realized that he might have mistaken me for someone else.

So this guy whom I had class with a while back messaged me “hey”. At first I had no idea who he was until I checked my history only to find out that our previous conversation consisted of him saying “hi” and I replied “hey” 2 hours later. This time, the situation was almost the same, except this time I didn’t reply until 5 hours later. 10 seconds later, he messaged back apparently a bit annoyed because I was so slow. Anyways that was how it got started.

We started talking about the usual, like what we’ve been doing. He talked about movies so I told him what I’ve been watching and what I want to watch. He had no idea that I went to Sweden (no, not Switzerland) so I shared a bit about what I felt about Europe. Then we talked about jobs. I gave him some advice that I think might be useful.

At the end I told him I am looking for a job in marketing.
“marketing? I remember you told me you like to build things.”
“building things..? hmm.. you sure that’s me?”
“like building what?”
“just things. I don’t remember exactly. Anyways thanks for your help. I gotta get ready for bed”
“k no prob. nites”

I don’t know. Maybe he was referring to my LEGO years. I am not offended or anything, but I think it’s funny how we all have too many people in our msn that we never talked to, and one day, still manage to have a normal (sometimes awkward) conversation, even without knowing who they are.. xD