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You too can be a starving photo artist!

  1. Resist your natural impulse to delete blurry, unfocused, or, in your opinion, shitty photos. This is the utmost difficult. But remember, in a world where everyone takes clear, focused, decent photos, the only way to stand out is to do the contrary. Why else would anyone buy your photos?
  2. Print them out with pride, the bigger the better. While you might be tempted to print out as poster cards for those who can’t afford your large prints, don’t do it. That’s what people want you to do, and if you do, you are selling out. It’s a dangerous slippery slope.
  3. Let someone else figure out the meaning for you. Art is subjective anyway. You are letting your patrons take ownership of your work.
  4. Embrace randomness. If they can’t figure it out, it simply means its too deep for them. It’s like an elephant talking to Plato in a refrigerator, and we all know what that means.
  5. If the size is right, people will buy.



maybe try this

Lightroom 2 is out (for a few weeks already). Here is the complete list of upgrades and changes, but surely you are not like me who actually read the change logs of software updates, so I’ll tell you the important ones:

  • Dodge and burn (!!!) (and more)
  • Dual screen capability
  • Vignette for cropped images (I like cropping)